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#Conservative #AgnosticAtheist #ProCapitalism #AntiIslam #BlueLivesMatter
#AntiBLM #Pro2A #Skeptic #YouTuber #American #AfricanAmerican
#Expat #RaceRealist #AntiRegressive #AntiSJW #Germany #NRA

Personal Bio
Hi, I’m Tree and this is my channel Tree of Logic. If you want to know more about me here is a list of what I’m all about.

* Conservative
* Agnostic Atheist
* Pro Capitalism
* Anti-Islam
* Debates/Debunks Based on Logic and Facts
* Pro Law Enforcement (I’m a former police officer)
* Anti-Black Lives Matter and Race Baiting
* Pro Guns! I am a gun and weapons owner. Proud member of the NRA

I also have a potty mouth.

🔴 Part of this wiki because she approaches race logically, and challenges MSM lies with firsthand experience living abroad.

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