Freedom Toons (Seamus Coughlin)


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#Cartoonist #AntiSJW #Animator #Catholic #Libertarian
#AntiPC #Satire #ProFreeSpeech #ProGun #Pro2A #LibertyActivist
#AntiFeminist #Cartoon #Conservative #Independent #Comedy

Personal Bio
20 year old Irish-Catholic suburbanite with no life experience who gets up on a soap box and preaches at ya. But its usually in animated form, so it’s acceptable. Easy Going (I swear). Pro-Comedy, Anti-Fed, Anti-Drug War, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Death Penalty, Anti-War, Anti-Censorship, Anti-Poverty War, Pro-Charity. Disagree with me on a hot button issue? We can still be friends! Just be cool about it and I would be happy to discuss your point of view.
 ?  Part of this wiki because he makes anti-SJW, libertarian cartoons.
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Latest Videos:

“Leftism: Then vs Now”

“History According to Sociology Professors”

“What White Knights Actually Believe”

“The Fable of Jordan Peterson”

“Fund Planned Parenthood you Anti-Feminist Woman Hater!”

“Support Gun Control You Child Hating Bigot!!”

“How Leftist Media Works”

“Libertarian, Graphic Animator, and Founder of Freedom Toons”

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