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I am the original daily dose of red pills creator and a MGTOW extraordinaire. I bring freedom. I’m a man going his own way also known as a MGTOW for short. My channel discusses many topics related to promoting the idea that marriage, co-habitation and long-term relationships are bad for a man’s financial, physical and emotional health. Opting out of relationships and resisting the system in a passive aggressive way is the way forward. I also criticize feminism and gynocentrism.

🔴 Part of this wiki because he challenges anti-male sexism.

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Latest Videos:

Latest Videos:

S., one of my clients who prefers to remain unnamed, is a well-dressed, successful 40-year-old financial professional who owns his own house and car. In less than two years, he's worked hard with a pe...
Attention, class! Today we will be discussing some important new discoveries in the field of vagina science, as reported by the Youtuber and Man Going His Own Way known as Sandman. In a new video, ?
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