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The Red Elephants Bio
The Red Elephants is an organization of like-minded conservatives that have come together to spread awareness and truth. Each member of The Red Elephants organization represents the liberties, freedoms and constitutional rights of the American people.
Our goal is to spread truth to the citizens of this great nation by reporting news and promoting free thinking. We will present a new brand of reporting that will be used to give conservatives a voice in the media that’s dominated by the left.
Vincent James Bio
Vincent James – Founder of The Red Elephants.
The Red Elephants is an alternative news and media source that strives to produce investigative journalism and the truth that the mainstream media ignores. I also do commentary on political topics including and especially topics you will NEVER see talked about in the main stream media. The more controversial it is, the more I like to talk about it.


🔴 Part of this wiki because they fight MSM lies on a daily basis and fearlessly explore taboo redpill subjects other conservatives won’t touch.

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