Liberal Lunacy (Shannon Gibbs)

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Personal Bio
Your average outspoken cripple. I do mostly social commentary. I talk about anything that interests me at the moment while interjecting as much humor to any given situation as I can.

🔴 Part of this wiki because she makes anti-SJW content.

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Latest Videos:

Guest Editorial by Liberal Lunacy Shannon (Disclaimer: I will not name names in this piece as I don?t know the names of everyone involved and I feel it would be unethical to act as if I did. All opinions expressed herein are my own and...
Shannon is a perennial fixture in our community. She shares her reasons for being and MRA, and we are certainly glad she is a part of our community
We didn?t have a #Killstream this past weekend and for that you have my sincerest apologies. Janet Bloomfield is in London for the International Conference on Men?s Issues and I didn?t want to keep her too tied up. The show could have still been produced,...

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