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I’ve been making low quality videos for years now, and view this as an opportunity to actually put more time and effort into the process. I can guarantee you that along the way many feelings will be hurt. Not just because I don’t care about anyone’s feelings, but as a proud villain I take sadistic glee in crushing any idealistic utopian masturbationalist that lives off of pretty lies, fantasy, and denial of reality. Even when just playing games I go out of my way to find ways to offend the perpetually offended. Because that is all they are good for, entertaining the rest of us!
Topics that will be covered include my attempts at slaying the 5 headed nu-Tiamat cancer dragon that I view as the biggest blight on our current society. These heads of course being SJWs, the regressive left, traditionalists, 3rd and 4th wave feminists, and the politicians and companies that enable them. Basically anyone that thinks it’s OK to try to force their subjective moral “superiority” onto the rest of us when we are just trying to mind our own business and not hurting anyone.
🔴 Part of this wiki because he makes anti-SJW content and challenges anti-male sexism.

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